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Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

In Chinese Painting and Calligraphy section, ¡°Chinese Modern Ink Painting Master Exhibition¡±, organized by Feng Yuan, a member of Art Committee, planned by Beijing International Art Exposition and launched jointly by Poly Auction, focuses on traditional ink painting artists who undertook the responsibility of imitating the old and making the new from initial period of Chinese modern ink painting, gathers, organizes and presents works of these artists to the people from all over the world. This exhibition will invite influential artists in modern ink painting area including Liu Dawei, Feng Yuan, Wang Mingming, Wu Yueshi and Cui Ruzhuo, and describe the development of Chinese modern ink painting to visitors gradually with traditional ink painting works as the entry point such as the landscape, flower and bird, as well as figure painting.

Engraving art

In Art of Sculpture part, Art Exhibition will plan to organize Xinjiang Hetian Yellow Jade Show. Hetian yellow jade is one of four major color jades of Xinjiang Hetian jade. It is soft as the grease with exquisite and moist texture, and it is expensive due to its plain yellow color and smoothness like the grease. Its position as described in ¡°Discourse on Appreciating Worthy Sights at Leisure¡± (Gao Lian, Ming Dynasty) and ¡°Treasures¡± (Zhang Yingwen, Ming Dynasty) is even higher than mutton-fat jade. Visitors will see this rare jade in Art Exhibition.
In the exhibition, a ¡°treasure¡± will be shown: Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival carved on the jade. This works is carved with a Hetian jade weighting 23.6 tons and is attached with a yellow sandal base weighting 15 tons for 7 years. It depicts the scenario of Hongqiao on Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival vividly. The picture is long but not lengthy, diverse but not promiscuous, rigorous and compact. The works highlights principal part, and the beginning echoes the ending just like an integrated whole. Rare big size and exquisite sculpture art of the works will shock all audiences, making them get such a felling that they have returned to one thousand years ago.
Mr. Wu Weishan, President of China Sculpture Academy will organize ¡°China Young Sculpture Artist Exhibition¡± for the Art Exhibition. Mr. Wu Weishan has won several international awards including Gold Award of 2012 Louvre International Arts Exhibition and Royal Pangolin Prize of Britain. Claude ABEILLE, a French sculpture master, praises the sculpture art of Wu has broken the language barrier and has high influence in the world. Mr. Wu will be present on the site with 30-50 Chinese young sculptors who will select one or two works to demonstrate the strongest team of Chinese young sculptors.

Overseas boutique

Overseas Works part will run ¡°Russian Oil Painting Master Works Exhibition¡±. Russian oil painting is splendid masterpiece in the world¡¯s art treasures, and has affected several generations of outstanding Chinese painters. In 1950s, many Soviet Union painters came to China to hold the exhibition and give lectures, and China had sent many artists to study in Soviet Union. Over past 20 years, in the academia and collection area, the understanding of Russian arts has been returned. The value of collecting Russian oil painting, especially works of artists winning the title of the People¡¯s Artist and Artist of Merit, is increasing in international art market. The Art Exhibition will invite national treasure painters including Bychkov, a famous Russian oil painting master, People¡¯s Artist, member of Academy of Arts and vice president of Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Nikolay Repin, People¡¯s Artist, member of Academy of Arts and Professor of Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Ledniev, People¡¯s Artist and member of Academy of Arts, Kuzmichev, Artist of Merit, Cowan and Lavrenko, as well as young artists of Repin Academy of Fine Arts including Gregory, Anna, Gaja Maksim. The exhibition represents the highest level of Russian oil painting, and presents the communication opportunity for Chinese oil painting artists and collectors.

Folk art

In National Handicrafts part, Art Exhibition will invite Anhui Culture Federation to organize ¡°Anhui Four Stationery Treasures of Chinese Study Exhibition¡±. Anhui is the home of Xuan Paper, Hui Ink, Xuan Pen and She Inkstand. For hundreds and thousands of years, with the culture development and creative wisdom of countless skillful craftsmen, ¡°Anhui Four Stationery Treasures of Chinese Study¡± has evolved to an art integrating both the practicability and appreciation, and its rich cultural connotation and clear characteristics of the times have become an important part of Chinese traditional culture. ¡°Anhui Four Stationery Treasures of Chinese Study Exhibition¡± will exhibit works of artists integrating the best of four treasures of Anhui, making visitors experience the convergence of traditional technique with modern technology and design, and inventive mind and elegant taste of contemporary Anhui artists. During Art Exhibition, many artists will interact with visitors, and in the onsite production session, visitors can experience and buy works of these artists, presenting a unique opportunity for them to experience traditional technique.
In addition, Trends Group will organize ¡°Fashion Charm of Traditional Beauty ¡¤ Chinese Collected Works Exhibition¡±. As the creator of the fashion culture and driver of the fashion industry in China, Trends Group has been putting eyes on and mining the treasures in Chinese traditional culture soil. Chinese traditional provides the source of the beauty appreciation and creativity for Chinese people. ¡°Activating¡± ancient civilization with modern fashion is a topic that more and more Chinese brands and enterprises are exploring. The exhibition will streamline and summarize the source of traditional culture generation and change, reveal cultural connotation and generation rule in it, and present beautiful Chinese classics to visitors with new fashionable form, making visitors experience brand new charm presented by beautiful Chinese traditional culture. The exhibition will select the best brands which have been promoting and carrying forward Chinese traditional beauty, present a series of cooperation results of Chinese intangible cultural heritage with modern form, and discuss how to make the beauty of Chinese traditional culture become the world fashion topic with people from all industries from the perspective of the brand, industry and traditional art combination.

Special Events
Poly Auction will organize special auction for this Art Exhibition. In addition to selecting works from ¡°Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Master Invitation Exhibition¡±, the company will also plan to collect a collection of works of mid-aged and young artists from arts colleges and painting and calligraphy institutes. These works will be selected by Arts Committee of Art Exhibition and Poly Auction, and the recommended works will participate in special auction during Art Exhibition. This is the first time that special auction is held on the site of Art Exhibition. This is a breakthrough exploration in the exhibition industry in China, and presents an opportunity for ink painting masters or mid-aged and young painters to reinforce their position in level-2 auction market.