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The literature (250X235mm) for this Art Exhibition publishes all representative works and the organization information of all exhibitors of Beijing International Art Exhibition.

How to buy:
You can buy the literature from Organization and Operation Management Committee of Beijing International Art Exhibition
Address: Zhengdong Art Gallery, 99 Wangfujing Steet, Dongcheng District, Beijing 

Mailing service
Please send details of the literature you want to buy to Executing Committee via Email or fax, and provide us with your name and detailed contact information. Upon receiving the email, we will reply and confirm it. Upon checking the information is correct, please remit the amount to the account designed by Executing Committee, and identify in the Details of Payment column that the amount is for buying the literature. We will notify you as soon as we receive the remittance and mail the literature to you.
Fax: 86-10-67211888
Email: BIAF2014@bjiaf.com

You can buy Literature of 2014 Beijing International Art Exhibition on the site of the exhibition
Visitors with VIP card can take one guest to participate in the preview.
VIP card can be used for unlimited times