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Booth Details

All booths of the exhibition are assembled from the white wood panels above. To better design your booth and arrange exhibition, please refer to following technical date and notes.
1. Panel specification: 1000 mm (wide)3600mm (high)60mm (thick);
2. The bearing of each screw of the panel is 40 jin (20 kg);
3. Only wall socket is provided, which is installed in10 cm above the ground;
4. Each socket with the power of 1500 w is only available for one electric appliance, and the patch board or extended wire is prohibited;
5. To prevent the damages on the panel, the exhibitor can only use velcro tape to paste the poster or wallpaper and spray glue, double-sided adhesive tape and glass cement are prohibited. Self-adhesive materials shall be mounted on a baseboard. After the completion of exhibition, the exhibitors shall remove the velcro tape, and if not, extra expense shall be paid. (Compensation of RMB 1,000 Yuan for each damaged panel); and
6. Dont paint, spray or scribble on the panel without authorization, or the exhibitor shall pay RMB 1,000 Yuan as compensation for each panel.
There are four main exhibition sections: Chinese ink painting section, jade carving section, international art section and folk art section, which are marked in white, green, red and gray in the lintel, guidance board and booth signboard of each area.