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The Executive Committee of Beijing International Art Fair 2014 (Hereafter referred to as ¡°BIAF¡±) is responsible for formulation and implementation of the regulations and also has the right to modify and explain it. The rule has specified all articles for participation in BIAF, and all applicants and final exhibitors shall accept and follow the regulations unconditionally. In addition, the Executive Committee reserves the right to issue other exhibition participation rules and regulations.

Exhibition qualification: Art gallery, brokerage agency of art works, and extension agency of art works
Type of exhibits: Chinese water & ink, calligraphy, oil painting, watercolor, sketch, engraving, sculpture, photographs/ video/ digital artworks, installation, design, antique, furniture, jewelry, porcelain, etc.

Specification of booth 1:
25 m2 (5m¡Á5m), and 15m of exhibition line is available
Charging standard: RMB 75000

Specification of booth 2:
6©O(2m¡Á3m), and 7m of exhibition line is available.
Charging standard: RMB 18000

Application: For application for exhibition, Exhibition Application Form and Exhibits Plan shall be submitted. The application form with complete information and responsible persons¡¯ seals shall be deemed as valid application. The deadline for application is August 15, 2014.
Review: The Executive Committee and the Academic Committee are jointly responsible for the review of all application forms. They are the final examination agencies for application forms, and have the full rights of independently determining to accept or reject the application.
Confirmation: The Executive Committee sends Confirmation Letter by e-mail or fax to applicants to confirm exhibition qualification and also notify the booth location and payment information. Upon the receipt of applicants¡¯ total fees for exhibition, the Executive Committee will send Manual for Exhibitors to them and also notify them of the relevant matters on the exhibition on August 20, 2014. The exhibitors shall register with Manual for Exhibitors, and also handle the relevant procedures for move-in and participation in the exhibition. The applicants shall ensure that all application information submitted to the Executive Committee is true and accurate. The applicants/exhibitors shall ensure that all exhibited artworks are the original and genuine works. In case the applicants provide false information or counterfeit, or the exhibitors fail to conform to the details of the regulations, the Executive Committee is entitled to withdraw any application that has been accepted, in which case, the paid fees will not be returned. Also, exhibitors shall make compensation for any loss of the Executive Committee resulting from their violation of the regulations. The Executive Committee has the right to ask the applicants to provide the detailed and complete information of any exhibit, and also to forbid any works that does not meet the requirements of the Fair.

Upon the application is accepted, the Executive Committee will provide Confirmation Letter by e-mail and fax to exhibitors. When exhibitors receive Confirmation Letter, they shall make payment in full for the booth fees to the designated account within 10 working days.
RMB account
Receiver: Beijing Zhengdong Jade Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Bank of Deposit: Wangfujing Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Account No: 0200209409000028336
Foreign currency account
Receiver¡¯s Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  Beijing branch of China
Receiver¡®s Name: Beijing Zhengdong jade culture development CO.,LTD Account  No.:  0200209409000028336
The date of payment shall be subject to the check or telegraphic money order (TMO) confirmed by the bank. In case exhibitors fail to pay off the booth fees as scheduled after receiving Confirmation Letter, the Executive Committee has the right to terminate the exhibition participation agreement and also reassigns their booths to other exhibitors. The Executive Committee shall timely notify the payer and also provide the receipt voucher upon the receipt of the fees for participating in the exhibition. In case there is no requirement from payers, the receipt voucher will be sent together with Notice to Exhibition.
In case the exhibitors fail to make exhibition arrangement as scheduled on the specified date, they will lose the right to use the booths, and the Executive Committee is entitled to terminate the agreement with the exhibitors.
In this case, exhibitors are still obliged to make the full payment for booth rent and the extra charges resulting from it.
In case the exhibitors have paid the booth fees, but they ask to cancel their participation for some reasons, then the requirements for cancellation of participation are:
Before July 20, 2014:  Return the full amount, without commission charge;
After July 20, 2014: The Executive Committee will collect 50% of the full amount for breach of contract, and return the remaining 50%;
After August 20, 2014: The paid amount will not be returned.

The applicants¡¯ selection of booths during their application for participation in the exhibition is just for reference. The Academic Committee and the Executive Committee will arrange the booths of BIAF and also have the final say on the booths. See plan of the venues for the specific information on booths.

Any exhibitor can not sublet the entire or part of the booth or share it in any form, and also can not display the exhibits not labeled in the application form. Besides, they can not display the works of the artists that are not specified in the plan of exhibited works in their booths. In addition, the exhibition space of exhibitors is just limited in the booth, and public space outside the booth shall not be occupied.

In case exhibitors needs to increase or change booth facilities on the basis of standard configuration, they must win the agreement of the Executive Committee, fill in ¡°Application Form for Booth Design¡± and ¡°Application Form for Additional Service¡±, and also cover the costs.  After the exhibition starts, the display board and spotlight can not be increased. In case of the need of other additional service, the Executive Committee will collect the fees for the temporary additional items.

The exhibition is located at the new pavilion of Agriculture Exhibition Hall, with a total area of 13,000©O. It adopts the design of no-column vault, with the height of 16m and the net height of 9m, including 14 entrances and exits (4.4m high ¡Á4.7m wide). The load-bearing of the ground is 5,000kg/©O

For every standard booth (5m¡Á5m), two pages in atlas will be provided for exhibitors to publish information and pictures of works for free. And the atlas will be provided (see details in charging standard). For the best results of the atlas of BIAF, the format of the atlas will be designed by the Executive Committee. One or two pictures of works can be published on each page, and the picture resolution shall not be less than 300dpi. Exhibitors shall submit the information and pictures of the atlas before August 20, 2014. The overdue will be deemed as giving up the right of printing atlas.

The Executive Committee, through various media, transmits the relevant information, introduces the exhibition and also publishes some of exhibition works. The Committee also timely arranges press interview and reports. ¡°Online exhibition¡± on the website of ¡°Beijing International Art Fair¡± will gradually show the exhibits, link with the websites of exhibition agencies, and also publishes relevant information.

Filling: According to the national regulations, all overseas (including other countries, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) exhibits on BIAF shall be filed and reviewed by the Ministry of Culture of the People¡¯s Republic of China in advance. Beijing Customs will check if all the overseas exhibits are consistent according to the filing materials. Thus, before August 20, 2014, relevant exhibitors shall submit the complete information on exhibits (including the name, size, material and time of works, name of artists) and pictures of works to the Executive Committee to apply for approval of exhibition based on it. The final exhibits shall not be changed or increased, but the number can be less.
Transportation: According to rules, BIAF will assign the unique transportation company to take charge of clearance of goods, customs liquidation and backhaul of all overseas exhibits. The exhibitors shall choose the transportation company by themselves to arrange the transportation of exhibits according to the schedule of BIAF, but they shall contact with the assigned transportation company for clearance of goods, customs liquidation, etc. in advance.
In case exhibitors fail to submit the information on overseas exhibits as scheduled, the Executive Committee has the right to disqualify them; for any problem in the process of filing, clearance of goods and customs liquidation resulting from the information missing or error because of exhibitors, exhibitors shall bear the loss by themselves. The Executive Committee will be responsible for timely reporting and also providing all possible assistance and communication.
From move-in to move-out, there will be professional security personnel providing 24h service for the exhibition and the exhibition area. During move-in, foreign exhibition and move-out, the exhibitors shall be responsible for security of exhibits; after the closing time, it shall be managed by the professional security personnel assigned by the Executive Committee.
To maintain safe, no item can be removed from the venue during the move-in and exhibition, unless there is going-out voucher issued by the Executive Committee. During the exhibition, exhibitors can bring additional artworks into the storage area, with the approval from the Executive Committee.
All exhibitors must obey the regulations on fire disaster, safety and public security. In case exhibitors are negligent, or they violate the regulations or fail to abide by the regulations on fire disaster, safety and public security, they shall make compensation for all or part of the loss or damage to the sponsor or the third party.

Exhibitors shall cover insurance by themselves for artworks during BIAF, possible loss or damage, and personal safety. During BIAF, exhibitors shall take all risks relevant to exhibition. The Executive Committee is not responsible for the direct, unexpected or subsequent damage or loss to relevant persons or artworks caused by exhibitors during the exhibition, including any loss or damage due to failure or suspension of lighting or air conditioner.

The regulations is the complete and final agreement between the Executive Committee of 2014 Beijing International Art Fair and exhibitors, and laws of the People¡¯s Republic of China apply to all legal problems in fulfilling the Regulations. In case of legal disputes, both of the Executive Committee and exhibitors agree to submit the disputes to Dongcheng District People¡¯s Court of Beijing for adjudication.

Exhibitors shall ensure that all exhibits as well as pictures and documents submitted to the Executive  Committee shall not infringe upon the third party¡¯s intellectual property. And they shall take full responsibility for and compensate for any infringement of copyright or other intellectual property caused by their¡¯ negligence or mistake as well as any damage or loss to the Executive Committee.

In case of any accidents resulting from non-human factors or beyond the reach of the Executive Committee, including (but not limited to) earthquake, fire, flood, disturbance, war, strike, epidemic, economic or political turmoil and other events of force majeure, the Executive Committee has the right to cancel, postpone or shorten BIAF. Under such circumstances, any funds paid by exhibitors will not be returned. And exhibitors shall not thereby claim for damages.

The Executive Committee appoints professional forwarding agents to provide service, and the entrance or backhaul of exhibits shall be done by the appointed forwarding agents. All transportation expenses of exhibits shall be paid by exhibitors. The Executive Committee will not offer any places to store exhibits, but allow exhibitors to build storing space in the determined booth at their own expense. Besides, the Executive Committee will preferential furnish hotel accommodation, translators (interpreters), airport pickup and other services; and provide paid services such as Fair arrangement assisting, goods carrying, etc.