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¡°See Chinese Ink Painting Art From The World¡±International Forum

The Art Exhibition will invite well-known auction company, bank, insurer and collectors in China to participate in the theme forum with academic and market value as well as post-event activities to discuss the development direction of the art market. ¡°See Chinese Ink Painting Art From The World¡± International Forum organized by Beijing Beautiful Asset Culture Industry Co., Ltd. and Artnet Global Limited (USA) will be held during Art Exhibition. Founded in 1989, Artnet Global Limited is committed to promoting the communication and trading between sellers and buyers in the art market, and created transparent art pricing system first to provide fair price information channel for sellers and buyers. Artnet owns the world¡¯s largest art trading information database, and provides Artnet online auction, Artnet price database and Artnet market analysis products and services for the art market. Artnet will use professional network platform to provide special report of Art Exhibition. International well-known fine arts gallery directors and art critics will be invited to present the speech and discuss Chinese ink painting art market. They will analyze the development and market prospect of Chinese ink painting art from professional angle and with international view.