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In 2014, Beijing International Art Fair (hereinafter referred to as ¡°BIAF¡±) will be co-hosted by Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Commission of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China Artists Association, China Calligraphers Association, Chinese Folk Literature and Art Society, China Arts and Crafts Association and Huaxing Economic Advisory Service Center. BIAF has invited influential and inspiring domestic and overseas specialists and scholars in various fields to constitute the Art Committee and Organizing Committee, emphasizing the academic and professional nature and striving to build a high-end culture exchange platform representative of the highest level of China with international influence. BIAF in this year will be held in Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center in October in anticipation of creating new history and resplendence.
With ¡°carrying forward Chinese culture and promoting international exchange¡± as the theme, BIAF is based on Beijing, faces the whole world, unites all the domestic and overseas parties concerned, and endeavors to create an international iconic exhibition brand with traditional oriental spirit.
Focusing on Chinese painting and calligraphy and other traditional artistic works, BIAF 2014 has attracted over 150 art organizations to this grand occasion altogether. The main content includes four parts of Chinese painting and calligraphy, artistic carving, overseas fine works and folk art. BIAF attaches great importance to the academic taste of the exhibitors; the Art Committee will be responsible for qualification examination of the exhibited works of art and selection of excellent works, as well as planning of relevant theme exhibitions. In the meantime, auction companies, banks, insurance companies, collectors, etc. will also be invited to take part in the theme forums and extended activities after the exhibition with academic and market value, discussing the development direction of future art market.
In the golden fall of 2014, Beijing will embrace the grand resplendence of Beijing International Art Fair. Then, domestic and overseas art organizations, artists, collectors and media will get together in Beijing and jointly witness a brilliant art event. We hereby offer you the sincerest invitation, expecting to create a splendid ¡°2014 Beijing International Art Fair¡± together with you.

Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Commission of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 
Chinese Artists Association
China Calligraphers Association
Chinese Folk Literature and Art Society
China Arts and Crafts Association
Huaxing Economic Advisory Service Center

Beijing Zhengdong Jade Cultural Development Co., Ltd. 
Zheng Dong Art Gallery
Beautiful Asset (Beijing) Art Industry Co., Ltd.
CIEA•BA Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.
Poly Hongkong Auction Co., Ltd.
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